The Sacrifice of a Father Breaks his Daughter’s Heart

In the past, parents don’t need to work far away just to be able to support their children. Both the parents and children don’t have to go through the agony of separation and living far away from home. Nowadays, working far from home is the common set-up.Sometimes, both parents have to work in a foreign land.It’s a big sacrifice that the parents have to endure for a long time. There are instances that the sacrifice of a father breaks his daughter’s heart.


This is a sad experience for the children who will grow up without the parents’ guidance. The children will have to cope up with the loneliness of not having the parents around. Sadly for most families, their children will grow up without having them around. They won’t be able to witness the achievements of their kids.

Take the case of this father and child who have to endure the loneliness of separation. The father had to work far away from his family. His little daughter can’t seem to control her emotions and bursts in tears as he kissed her goodbye. She knows that it will take a long time before she can be with her beloved father again. It was a heartbreaking sight but the father had no choice because he has to work and leave his family behind.

They were surprised at the reaction of his daughter. The little girl didn’t want to let go of his father but no matter how painful it was for him, he had to leave. It will take a while again before he can go back to his family.  The bystanders were also emotional as they watch the sad separation of the family. It was a sad moment not only for the family but to the people watching them too. Seeing children cry always break people’s hearts.

Watch the video below and your heart will break too.

Buhay OFW

This father needs to work abroad, in order to provide a good life for his family. But the pain and sadness of a child are never that easy. How far can you go to make them happy? Credit to: Madhel Puerto

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