True Love still Exists as a Russian Woman Decides to Marry a Poor Miner from China

Women have become practical in entering relationships nowadays. They aren’t looking for love anymore. These women simply want to be sure that the potential partner can provide for her and the future kids. Unlike in the past when a woman wants to be head over heels in love with a man before she even considers him; it’s the financial status that counts. But when a rich and young Russian woman decides to marry a poor coal miner from China, it proves that  true love still exists.

The couple met in the mobile app WeChat and after constant texting, they decided to finally meet in person. Chen Jungyang was a coal miner in China and Sophia was living there because she studied Chinese and decided to stay. They clicked instantly and fell in love with each other. After several months of dating, Chen proposed to Sophia and asked her to marry him. Sophia readily agreed to this proposal because she has really fallen in love with him despite their financial differences. What matters to her is the love she has for the man and not the material things that he can’t offer her.

The families of the couple met and supported the wedding plans of the couple without any objections even if they’re from two different cultures and financial status. Their wedding was well attended by friends and respective families. They held their wedding in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province.

They decided to move to Russia after the wedding and Chen quit his work as a coal miner and have made plans of starting a business in Russia and start their family life there. Chen & Sophia are so in love  and they want to do everything together. Their love story will inspire and make you realize that there’s still true love.

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