Guy rescued a dog from a slaughterhouse and the dog cant’s stop hugging him

A guy rescued a dog from a slaughterhouse in Cambodia and the dog showed how thankful he is to the man who saved his life.

Michael Chour, a 48-year-old French-born, dedicated his life to protect the lives of the dog that are part of the Asian dog meat trade, establishing his foundation in Thailand. For 14 years, his mission is to fight dog meat consumption in Thailand, where the government forbids the practice in 2014, and he has been crossing to Cambodia, where it is still legal.

When Chour, a medical doctor learned about the dog slaughterhouse in South East Asia, he was shocked and created The Sound of Animals to prevent as many dogs to be harmed for their meat and find them a loving family.

Recently, Chour and his team were on a mission in Chomkachek, Cambodia, where they managed to persuade the owner of a local slaughterhouse of letting his foundation take 17 dogs with them. When the team finally got the dogs on a truck and be delivered to a temporary shelter in O Smach, Cambodia, he noticed that one of the animals he recovered is struggling in understanding that he was finally saved, and she was petrified in a corner.

When they finally arrived at the temporary shelter, Chour immediately carried the female dog in his arms and felt how the traumatized animal didn’t want to be let go of this man’s embrace. Chour stays with her in her arms for more than an hour and a half. He then gave her the name of Sweety.

“She cuddled tenderly, and let me kiss her. My heart melted, and I could not restrain my tears,” he said.

“I see too many horrible things in all these slaughterhouses I visit. I love to see them understand that they will live and receive love,” he added.

Watch the video below:

In our little shelter in cambodia our femal rescue today

Posted by The Sound Of Animals on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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