This elderly guy wearing diaper went inside the grocery store to buy some milk!

Nowadays, our elderly need our utmost attention and tender loving care. As elderly abandonment became rampant, we are thankful that our government exert extra effort and came up with programs that help our senior citizens. With that in mind, this elderly guy wearing diaper went viral on social media after entering a grocery store to buy some milk.

On July 13 at a grocery store in Tainan, Taiwan, an elderly guy wearing diaper went into the convenience store with his son to eat breakfast. He has always felt the kindness of the employee in the store. And it is more evident that day when he witnessed the heartwarming scene.

An old man entered the convenient store that morning. The elderly guy only wears T-shirts and only wearing diaper as a lower garment. Xiao Xuan realizes that the elderly Alzheimer’s disease was inherited from his grandfather.

The old man wants to buy bottles of milk but the cashier said in a gentle way:

“Apat lang po na bote ng gatas ang maaari ninyong bilhin.”

Xiao Xuan was wondered when he heard how the cashier holds his voice.

“Mas mabuti nga kung bibili ng madaming gatas ang matanda at ito ay karagdagang kita nila sa araw na iyon,” he mumbled on himself.

Xua was surprised when he found out that the customer was a regular customer and was aware of the situation of the old man and what it needed. Moments later, the old man wanted to buy a bigger bottle of milk. Then the cashier gave him what he wants.

“Sige po pwede mong bilhin ang malaking bote ng gatas na ito. Pero hindi pwede ang maliliit dahil hindi mo naman mauubos inumin lahat ng mga iyon.”

After the old man pays the milk he bought at the store, he went out of the store and Xuan saw the cashier following the elderly guy wearing diaper. The cashier silently follows the old man and guide him on his way home.

Ten minutes had passed and the cashier returned to the store after making sure that the elderly guy went home safely. Xiao Xuan shared his pictures of the goodness of the cashier to the elderly. He even carried the elderly’s bag.

This is a proof that the goodness of a person can be witnessed anywhere at any time.

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