Seaman Took To Facebook His Sadness After Finding Out That His Girlfriend Was Impregnated By Another Man.

Every relationship should be built with trust, loyalty, and honesty. Without these three, no relationship lasts nor grow. Because of the growing popularity of movies depicting infidelity, the threat of being involved is possible. We have heard stories of relationship lasted for years only to find out that their partner is having an affair with another person. This is exactly what happens to this seaman or even worst.

Because of the nature of work, a seaman had to leave their partners, family, and love ones back home. That’s why most of them, younger ones, in particular, get involved in what is called “Long Distance Relationship” or LDR.

One seaman recently shared his heartbreaking love story on social media. He took to Facebook his sadness and dismay after finding out that his girlfriend was impregnated by another man.

The seaman was identified as Kien Morales Cartagena. On his post, he uploaded screenshots of his conversation with his girlfriend who got pregnant while his on board. The girl pleads to Kien not to talk to her new boyfriend to avoid any chaos. He supposes to tag his girlfriend with his post but he was blocked by her.


The deeply wounded and angry seaman was working hard for their future while his girlfriend is working with another guy. Many netizens also expressed their feelings for Kien and said encouraging words.

Indeed, falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard. We hope that Kien will finally move on and find the right girl for her. On the other hand, let’s also not judge the woman for what she did. We didn’t hear her side and the story behind why she did that to Kien. Let’s wish happiness for both of them.

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