Grade 8 Student Has The “Most Beautiful Handwriting In The World.”

Meet the Grade 8 student, Prakriti Malla from Nepal, who has the most beautiful handwriting in the world.

Over the past years, handwriting seems to have lost its attraction and nobody writes beautiful handwritten letters nowadays. Because we are living in a digital era, people are now using technology to communicate. Instead of writing a letter on a piece of paper, as most of us think it is obsolete, we use computers to type because it has thousands of available fonts and standard lettering features, way better if write it with our own hands.

Handwriting is unique. However, to be able to write gorgeously requires time and effort to practice and achieve a beautiful handwriting skill. While most of us have the hard time doing that, this student from Nepal doesn’t need any practice because she was blessed to have it.

She is considered to have the most beautiful handwriting in the world, better than most of us. She became an instant star after her handwriting really impressed many.

The Grade 8 student is blessed to have an alluring handwriting. It was even compared to the designer font of the computer, even better. The space between the letters is uniform. She brought calligraphy into a whole new level.


Furthermore, her writing is chosen as the best handwriting in Nepal. The student of the Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Prakriti Malla received awards from the Nepali Armed Forces for her remarkable handwriting.

Now she is popular in the entire world and people are pleased and envious to read her writing. Indeed, she has the most beautiful handwriting in the world.

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