Beautiful Lithuanian Woman Fell In Love With A Filipino Guy Online, Flew To Philippines To Meet Him!

This beautiful Lithuanian woman fell in love with a Filipino guy whom she met online. Without hesitation, he flew all the way to the Philippines to meet him. What a lucky guy, right?

Filipinos are known to be good-looking, loving, hospitable and caring towards people even to foreigners. These attributes made other nationalities not just fell in love in the country but also to the locals and this is not a surprise anymore. With that in mind, another couple went trending on social media, featuring a foreign woman and a native Filipino.

Vikachka Chaya Radaviciūtė and Eugene Galang is the couple who I am talking about. This is the story of a beautiful Lithuanian woman fell in love with a Filipino guy, a quite different story from the rest. Vikachka is from Lithuania who flies all the way from Lithuania to the Philippines just to meet her Pinoy boyfriend.

Their story started in May 2017 when they first met online. Little did they expect, their casual meeting would turn into hours of video calls and chat about anything under the sun. The two got along so well and quickly upgraded their status to officially become a couple.

The distance wasn’t a problem for them. With the help of technology, the two connect with each other like no distance between them and no different time zones. At their first meeting, Eugene was so starstruck with the Lithuanian woman. But as they hugged each other at the airport, everything just fell into place. It was a sweet and lovely moment for them.

Eugene toured Vikachka to the many tourist spots in the area and made sure to treat her at his favorite hangouts. The Lithuanian girl had a lot of fun in the Philippines and went home with a lot of ‘pasalubong’ for her family and friends. But Vikachka was disappointed to those judgmental comments their video received from other Filipinos.

The Lithuanian girl defended his boyfriend saying that it was her who came to the Philippines because it was really much easier than if Eugene did it since Philippine immigration is very strict. She also revealed that she had to work to earn the ticket to the Philippines but when that wasn’t enough, Eugene sent her money to cover the remaining cost.

Eugene even promised to take care of her expenses when she arrived in the Philippines so she doesn’t need to worry about a thing. During her trip, she brought 200 Euro (Php12,000). The Filipino guy kept his promise that makes her money remained intact.

She also revealed that Eugene bought her a new bag since hers got damaged on the way to the Philippines and filled it with pasalubong.

Watch the story of the beautiful Lithuanian woman fell in love with a Filipino guy below:

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