Filipino Handsome Priest Swooned, Reason Why The Church Was Full!

Who wouldn’t go to church if the one preaching is this handsome priest?

Social media has been an avenue of undiscovered talents, trending topics, gossips, and viral people. I say, viral people because there are numerous individuals who swoon people like a whirlwind because of their beautiful looks and physique. With that in mind, netizens, girls, in particular, couldn’t hold back themselves to fall in love with this young handsome priest from the Philippines.

Not to mention his honorable and respectful vocation, Rev. Efren “Jay-R” Antiga Gubac Jr. is currently making rounds on social media because of his good looks and appealing charisma. Girls, I know what your thinking!

His photos appeared to every newsfeed and the comment sections were flooded with thousands of comments, commending him for his handsome looks and chosen vocation. He’s an inspiration to young people who have lost their devotion to God.

This handsome priest graduated last March 2017. He took up Theological formation at St. Francis Xavier Regional Major Seminary. With his charming face, masculinity, and sportiness, he’s a typical dream prince charming for women.

Last September, Rev. Gabuc underwent the Ordination to the Diaconate or as a deacon. Now, he’s currently the priest in Penaplata, Samal Island.

His story was featured on different sites and blogs that made him even more famous.

But not primarily admiring him for his handsome looks, what people really do admire is his devotion and heart to serve God. We all know that as a priest, a relationship with an opposite sex is prohibited. In his case, he will probably have many girlfriends considering his appearance.

But instead, he chose the path to serve God with his life and set aside his fleshly desire. With that, we respect and honor you Rev. Efren “Jay-R” Antiga Gubac Jr.!

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