Son Of A Farmer Received A Full Scholarship At Harvard University.

This son of a farmer received a full scholarship at Harvard University, inspires everyone with his story.

Most of us might be dreaming of enrolling in a private or popular school like Yale, Oxford, Harvard, and other Ivy League. But considering all the expenses and tuition, not to mention the grades you need to maintain, this remains a dream.

But recently, a son of a farmer received a full scholarship at Harvard University as one of the beneficiaries of scholarships at International School Manila.

Romnick Blanco, a son of a rice and vegetable farmer got the chance to enroll in one of the famous and elite schools in the world. The 7th out of 9 children is from the foothills of Sierra Madre Mountains started with humble beginnings by crossing a bridgeless river and enduring hardships along the way just to finish English and Computer-Literacy in the learning center of Green Earth Heritage Foundation.

Romnick finished high school at the International School Manila last May 26, 2017, as a scholar. But the Lord didn’t stop blessing him. He passed the four full-ride scholarships in Harvard College, the King Scholarship of Dartmouth College, the Freeman-Asian Scholarship of Wesleyan University and New York University-Abu Dhabi.

Now, he was given the opportunity to be a full scholar at Harvard University, covering tuition, accommodation, plane tickets, and clothing.

He started from the lowest but because of his dream and prayers along with hard work, patience, love, and perseverance, he’s way near to the future everyone is coveting.

We wish Romnick all the best and may he remain humble despite the success and achievement he achieved and will be achieved in the future. Kudos kid!

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