Rugged Beggar With A Beautiful Girlfriend, Surprise People On The Street.

This is the story behind the viral video of a rugged beggar with a beautiful girlfriend.

Recently, a video of a rugged beggar with a beautiful girlfriend who meets on the street while his asking for alms shocked people. This India guy acted as a homeless rugged beggar. He went street to street to ask for alms but he didn’t get anything.

Like most of us do, people denied and acted as if they didn’t see him, giving him nothing but nod and rejection. But exposing how people treat actual beggars on the street is not the whole point of the story. After all, this is just a prank. Opps!

Wearing in purple dress and heels, a beautiful girl passed by the street where the rugged beggar was asking for alms. To their shock, the beautiful girl greeted the prankster and those who ignored him started staring at them. It turned out that the poor beggar has a hot girlfriend and this shocked several of the people who refused to give him alms.

Hidden cameras clearly show the reaction of the people around them. One woman even gave a clear eye roll when she saw the beggar had a gorgeous girlfriend. Other men began to furiously stare at the two perhaps trying to figure out what was happening and how it was possible for that to happen as well.

Thinking that he initiate the prank well, he then admitted that there was a hidden camera and pulled out that it’s a prank. He gladly showed where the camera was and several of the people were laughing at the revelation.

Pranks are very common nowadays and many people are becoming a fan of it. It’s a great way to make people smile in this world full of depressed people.

Watch the video below:

Source: YouTube

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