By Only Playing Toys, 7-Year-Old Boy Is YouTube’s 2018 Highest-Paid Star.

Who would have thought that this 7-Year-Old Boy Is YouTube’s 2018 highest-paid star?

A lot of people are getting more involved in what is called “Vlogging,” or putting yourself in front of a camera, documenting your life or so for the viewers to see and be updated on what’s going on with your life.

Thousands or even more are considering themselves a vlogger or a YouTuber, using YouTube as a platform where they can post their videos and earn money from it. But one boy recently made rounds on social media, claimed the top spot in this year’s YouTube’s highest paid stars by only playing toys.

On his YouTube Channel “Ryan Toysreview,” Ryan is just like any other kids who gets excited on unboxing new toys and his parents decided to share these moments online. As of writing, his channel has 17.3 million subscribers, watching him unbox new toys and just have a good time playing.

Since it was launched in 2015, his channel popular with kids and even adults have a total of nearly 26 billion views, earned a whopping $22 million or around Php1.16 billion within 12 months, as estimated by Forbes Magazine. Now, he also launched his own toy line and apparel, “Ryan’s World.” This is why he claimed to be the YouTube’s 2018 highest-paid star.

Chas Lacaillade, the founder and CEO of Bottle Rocket Management, which represents many “unboxers” on YouTube explained why children and even adults couldn’t get enough of watching others open things.

“Unboxing videos provide the proxy for actually experiencing the joy of receiving and opening something you really desire; this is especially true for items that are out of reach or unattainable,” she told Forbes.

Ryan’s 15% earnings are saved into what’s called a Coogan account, which is protected until he becomes a legal adult. Lacaillade said that with Ryan’s earnings, “he’s got enough money for 100 lifetimes.”

Watch one of his videos below:

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