Beautiful English Girl Marries A Dark-Skinned Surfing Instructor

This beautiful English girl marries a dark-skinned surfing instructor.

Looking for the right person to spend your life with is a crucial and challenging journey. Marriage is a sacred communion of two hearts loving each other so it is very important to end up marrying the right person. While some are lucky for finding the man or woman of their dreams, there are also some who ended up separated after a long year of marriage or relationship.

Through social media, we have read or witnessed various uncanny love story whom some defined unconventional. For example, an ordinary person with a simple life ended up marrying a package or someone extraordinary. Our society has this unfair concept of love and its standard for beauty, judging more on the outward appearance.

But this couple broke the stereotype and proves that love is way more than just physical appearance. Back in August 2017, one couple made rounds on the internet because of their unconventional story.

An English girl named Polly Alexandria Robinson fell in love with Indonesian surfing instructor Karna Radheya. The couple first met in Bali, Indonesia and immediately fell in love with each other. When Polly went back home, they still managed to keep in touch.

Though some said that no long-distance relationship lasts, the couple made their relationship grew and soon talk about marriage. To take their love story to the next level, the English woman decided to convert to Islam so they could get married in Karna’s hometown in Magelang, Indonesia.

She then took the trip back to Indonesia and on December 16, she married Karna in a traditional Muslim ceremony. The family and friends of the guy surrounded the couple during their wedding, Polly’s family, on the other hand, gave their blessing but were unable to attend the wedding for various reasons.

After their wedding, the newlywed went to Bali where Karna owns a restaurant named Luku Kitchen. He also works as a certified surfing instructor in this island well known to be among the country’s primary tourist destinations.

“My only intention is to make our relationship halal. But since our story has already gone viral, I hope it will be an inspirational tale for netizens,” Karna said.

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