Woman Fed A Stray Dog, Receive Gifts From It Every Day In Return!

This kind woman fed a stray dog and receive gifts from it every single day.

Every day, we probably pass a stray animals on the street. Just like any indigent on the street, they also look for something to it and place to rest. But for these poor animals, there is no government agency dedicated to their welfare.

These animals suffered pain and suffering as real as yours and mine. They suffer abandonment, rejection, violent treatment, and thrown out into the streets. Thankfully in the Philippines, we have the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about kindness to animals and responsible pet ownership. Its small Animal Shelter cares for homeless animals who are victims of cruelty, written on their website.

But there’s also people who really care about animals. Just like this Thai woman named Orawan Kaewlaiat who have a heart of gold toward abandoned pooches. This kind woman fed a stray dog and receive gifts from it every single day in return.

Orawan would bring them food as often as she can and keeps an eye on them to make sure they are healthy and alright. But among the dogs she fed, there is one dog she named Tua Plu that has a very special and personal way of thanking her. He comes back to Orawan not empty-handed.

Tua Plu would always bring a token of appreciation for Orawan. The tokens are things that Tua Plu picks up from the streets, either a piece of newspaper or a leaf for Orawan, or any item that would fit in his mouth.

The kind woman put a collar around his neck as a form of protection against those who cruelly enjoys mistreating street dogs.

This is something humans should remind themselves about. To be kind on every living creatures that walks on earth.

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