French Woman Marries A Chinese Man For Love, Not For Material Things.

This French woman marries a Chinese man not for anything else but for love!

Love is truly powerful and always goes beyond expectation. A pure love asks for nothing but to make someone feel loved, secure, and valued. Beyond anything in this world, a person who loves wanted no material things but also love. That is the reason why this French woman marries a Chinese man.

Recently, a 26-year-old French woman named Emilie and 24-year-old groom Xie Donglin got married by doing what’s known to be a “naked marriage”. In Chinese, this term means getting married before owning a car or apartment. Unlike other countries, China has a strong emphasis for men to be stable before even thinking to get married.

Most female in China requires financial security from their beau before they would agree to a wedding. But this couple breaks this concept and prove that love prevails through a customary says not.

Emilie, the Frech woman, first arrived in China as an exchange student at Fudan University. She is fluent in Chinese and 6 other languages. The 26-year-old French woman met her soon-to-be husband Xie when she did the internship at a hotel in Suzhou, near the club where Xie working as a golf coach. The two met and Emilie boldly asked for his contact information.

Eventually, Emilie confessed that she like Xie and they started dating. She probably knows the customary in China when it comes to marriage. However, Emilie says that she loves Xie, so she didn’t need an apartment or a car before getting married. Her statement of not expecting her husband to provide for a car and apartment drew in a lot of attention on social media.

Many wished them a successful marriage. Their story also inspires people not love because of material things but purely for love.

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