House Of Empoy In Bulacan Is The Fruit Of His Hard Work And Good Heart.

Empoy, Julius Erman Ramos Marquez in real life, is a Filipino actor and comedian. After winning the Mr. Suave look-alike contest on Magandang Tanghali Bayan, he appeared in a feature film was in Mr. Suave in 2003. But his popularity grew after playing the lead role in Kita Kita in 2017, which became the highest-grossing Filipino independent film of all time.

The 37-year-old actor remains humble and grounded despite his successful career. As a fruit of his hard work and good heart, he was able to build a two-storey house in Bulacan.

Empoy Marquez has quite a busy schedule to manage these days so he stays in his Quezon City condo unit most of the time. This two-storey property in Bulacan probably equates to home sweet home.

With neutral colors and essential pieces, the house looks calming and inviting, with a spacious layout and basic pieces taking center stage. From the living and dining areas to the kitchen and bedroom, one can instantly appreciate its uncomplicated aesthetic reminiscent of typical Filipino homes.

“Simple lang na up and down. Basta gusto ko, ‘yong pamilya ko kasama ko. Tapos, kunwari may laruan sa loob, basketbolan sa loob, gano’n. Tapos, may pool. Gusto ko, may bukid, tapos overlooking. Makikita ‘yong bukid mula sa bahay. Bukid, pero may swimming pool, hehe,” he shared.

Empoy acquired the property in 2009 but he dreams of building a dream home in the future.


The house looks simple outside with the balcony giving a peek into Empoy’s room, with a couple of plants and a wrought iron gate.

Living Area

The living area is furnished with a brown L-shaped couch, a low center table, and a yellow storage ottoman that looks like a mini drum. Space have navy blue curtains paired with white drapes, accented with green chairs. A small wooden shelf holds the TV and tons of speakers and another upholstered ottoman that functions as a table where a video player is placed.


The kitchen also features a wooden freestanding mirror, arched walls define the different areas and create passages that connect them to each other. The l-cooking area is L-shaped with cabinets coated in varnish and light brown tiles used as the backsplash.

Dining Area

The dining area is furnished with a six-seater dining table and matching chairs. These seating pieces highlight a silk printed fabric used for the fabric and cushion. Black wall decals spruce up the wall in the dining area and the small white cabinet was placed in a corner to hold décor and to serve as storage for essentials.

Empoy’s Bedroom

The actor’s sleeping space has a sofa bed, a flat-screen TV, an AC unit, and tons of seating pieces. He has his own small bathroom, framed posters of his movies, and a mountain bike. The room also houses Empoy’s toy collection. He also has action figures and comic books neatly kept in the cabinet. The console that holds the TV also serves as storage for his CDs, other knickknacks, and a vintage battery-operated Sony radio.


The balcony can be accessed through the glass sliding doors in Empoy’s bedroom or through a stairway from the garage. It is open and spacious, with a fishpond as its main feature. Small cold water fish like parrot fish and goldfish can be seen in the fishpond. The balcony can also function as a reading nook and even as an extra dining area when needed.

“Ito ‘yong pinaka-favorite-place ko sa bahay,” he shares.

This article is originally from Real Living

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