This Girl Carries Her Grandma To Work To Not Let Her Feel Alone.

This girl carries her grandma to work because she doesn’t want to let her feel alone.

Every year, the number of elderly being abandoned by their families is increasing. Many of our seniors are neglected by their family members and caretakers. Victims are those who cannot help themselves and depend on others to meet their most basic needs.

According to Nursing magazine, almost 50 percent of the bad treatment on elderly cases are a result of neglect. Research suggests that 700,000 to 1.2 million elderly people are subject of bad treatment and there are 450,000 new cases annually.

But instead of abandoning her grandma, which I know she couldn’t afford, this carries her grandma to work because she doesn’t want to let her feel alone at home.

According to Good Times, the girl was left to her grandmother while her parents work in the city. As she grows up, the elderly lady was always on her side. Not that she has her own restaurant and busy managing it, she needs to leave her grandma at home. But it is not a choice for her.

Instead, she has decided to be always by her 88-year-old grandmother’s side and not let her feel alone by carrying her to work. Her old grandma wasn’t able to walk longer so she needs to carry her around.

While some people are worried that the elderly wouldn’t adopt the city life, the girl thinks that the change in the environment is not a bad thing. Her grandma’s favorite pastime is to sit outside the door to see people coming and going, this is her favorite pastime.

This girl is truly admirable and deserves a clap for doing this to her grandma.

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