Woman Reunited With Her Long-Lost Sibling After Seeing Her Baby Photo On The Packaging Of A Snack.

After 52 years, this woman reunited with her long-lost sibling after seeing her baby photo on the packaging.

Family is always a family. Despite distance, arguments, or even years of no contact, it seems like the universe is looking for a way to reunite with them. This is exactly the case of this woman who got reunited with her long-lost sibling in a most surprising way.

52 years ago, a 10-year-old boy from South Korea named Li Zhixi often brought his 8-year-old sister, Li Yongzhen to the wet market. But one day, his sister tragically disappeared while on her way home. he did all his best to look for her but no avail, spending days crying because of her loss.

For more than 5 decades, Li Zhixi has no news regarding the whereabouts of his sister and her disappearance remained a complete mystery. As he grew older, he never gave up hope to be able to see her again.

But it was his mother’s death in 2016 that really triggered him. He was heartbroken knowing that his mother passed away without seeing her daughter ever again. He was determined to find his sister, for the sake of his mother.

He approached an organization dedicated to finding missing children called Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. They came up with a brilliant idea to cooperate with a famous Korean snack manufacturer called Jolly Pong and proposed to have photos of missing children printed on the snack’s packaging for higher audience reach.

Jolly Pong agreed to collaborate with Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. They printed the photos of the missing children and included contact numbers including Li Yongzhen’s photo.

One day, one woman on the line told him that she found a snack with her photo on its packaging. then he realized that the woman was referring to the photo he posted of his younger sister. He immediately arranged a meeting with the woman and underwent a DNA test. The result is positive, they were matched. Li Zhixi couldn’t help but shed tears when he heard the news.

It turned out that his sister, Li Yongzhen never realized she was a missing child until she saw her photo on the snack packaging. The two have a tearful and emotional reunion.

Indeed, life works in mysterious, but wonderful ways that will surely make us in awe.

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