Two Boys Belted Christmas Songs To Passengers Of A Van

This two boys belted Christmas songs like a pro!

Christmas songs sang by carolers truly make our hearts happy. Every song seemed like filled with heart and emotion, and of course, because the songs are all about the child in the manger, our savior, we can’t help but be thankful. Speaking of carolers, these two boys belted Christmas songs to the passengers of a van like a pro.

One Facebook user named Ritz Terante Collado, a video was recorded featuring two boys belted Christmas songs that truly captivates the heart of the netizens. In fact, they’ve been calling the attention of the Kapamilya Network and give for two street kids.

The post was captioned:

“While we were waiting for the Van here in TACLOBAN LEYTE, this two kids is so WOW! JUST WATCH AND LISTEN na lang at kayo na humusga…” #Amazing

Despite the lack of musical accompaniment, these two boys belted Christmas songs with their beautiful voice. Indeed, not just the passengers and the uploader were impressed, but also everyone who saw the video.

Netizens couldn’t stop admiring these two boys belted Christmas songs and some even tagged ABS CBN as the boys also covered a Kapamilya Christmas ID song “Thank You For the Love”. We hope that their story will reached ABS-CBN Network.

The two boys turned out to be cousins, Angelito is 14 and Arvin is 12. The two boys do Christmas carols at the bus terminal to somehow help their families. Angelito shared that their father works as a helper but his income is not regular.

They were so grateful for Collado for uploading their video and shared that they dream to be singers in the future.

Watch the video below:

While we are waiting for the Van here in TACLOBAN LEYTE, this two kids is so WOW😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗 JUST WATCH AND LISTEN nalang at kayo na humusga…#Amazing🎶❤️

Posted by Ritz Terante Collado on Sunday, November 11, 2018

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