Thai Caveman Earned The Hearts Of Beautiful Tourists, Made Them Back To His Cave And Stay With Him.

This Thai caveman from Thailand made rounds on social media after sharing how he managed to invite a Russian woman back to his cave.

The 48-year-old Thai named Chatupoom Losiri, popularly known as “caveman of Koh Phangan,” became an instant celebrity after her Facebook post massively went viral. According to him, he saw a “slim, beautiful woman” outside a 7-Eleven and decided to approach her.

“I said to her, ‘You interrupted me. I was riding my motorbike home, but because of your beauty, I had to turn around. I needed to talk to you and find out if you’re beautiful on the inside as well.”

“She laughed, and after talking to her a bit more, I found out that she was from Russia and this was her last day on Koh Phangan. So I told her: ‘Then this is your last chance to get to know me. We have to find a beautiful place to sit and talk,” he continued.

“She hesitated because I was just a stranger in her eyes. She said, ‘I’m not sure. You might be dangerous.’ I smiled and replied, ‘That’s true. I know how you feel. You’re in another country, far from your home and a strange man is inviting you to go with him. Not to worry, I’m not dangerous. And the place I’m taking you to is not remote. If you feel uneasy, you can shout out for help.”

“When she heard that, she said yes and hopped onto the back of my bike.”

Hours after the story went viral, the Thai caveman then posted another photo of a mysterious woman sleeping in his bed. He captioned the post:

“No matter how tired I was last night, I still woke up at 6am. Then I’ll make coffee and mediate. But someone is still sleeping.”

His post drew flak from netizens, saying that he didn’t ask form the woman permission to post it.

Jatuphum became famous on social media by showcasing his cave-dwelling minimalistic lifestyle on the Full Moon Party island. His Facebook account also shows many Western women who visited his cave. The Thai caveman also explained that he’s just another romantic guy and he didn’t expect any negative reactions to his posts.

In his interview with Amarin TV, he said:

“I deleted the picture [of the woman in his bed]. I don’t want this woman who has been with me to feel bad when she finds out about it. Even though, you can’t tell who it is based on the photo,”

“I just posted it for fun. I didn’t think there’d be a backlash, but I know that there will be people who agree and disagree, no matter what I do.”

The Thai caveman also confirmed that it is not the Russian woman from his previous post but one of his lovers. Jatuphum also defended that he never lures women into his cave or forces himself on them.

“If you find my posts disturbing, then you should not follow me. I didn’t force anyone to follow this page. Only the people who share the same dream and lifestyle as me would have fun here [on this platform].”

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