Groom Shocked His Bride With A Confession Of Loving Another Woman On Their Wedding Day.

This groom shocked his bride with a confession of loving another woman during their wedding.

Marriage is a sacred union of two persons loving each other. Part of the wedding ceremony is both the groom and bride should give their vows to each other. This one of the most emotional part of the wedding because at this moment, they’re not just saying words, but pouring out what’s in their hearts.

But one particular groom shocked his bride with a confession of loving another woman during their most special day. I know you guys are holding yourselves and probably wanted to hit him but wait till you know who’s the other woman.

Upon confessing that he loves another woman, many guests got mad, probably thinking that he’s so disrespectful to confess it in front of his bride, the altar, and the guests. The guests and bride herself cried. What made it more surprising is the fact that she calls out the woman and invited her to come to the altar.

“If I could ask God anything, it would be to have you as my daughter. I would be the proudest father in the world to have such a beautiful, intelligent, and educated daughter like you,” he said.

She called out the Giovanna, Jessica’s daughter. Jefferson loves her so much like his own daughter. This makes everyone even cry more, as they couldn’t believe that Jefferson has many dreams for the mother and daughter.

“I also give you love, my love, to take care of you, to always protect you, and to not let anything bad to happen to you,” ending her wedding vows with a promise to the Jessica and Giovanna.

The little girl then got the microphone to his stepdad, thanking him for all the love and giving him a warm hug.

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