Mega Star Sharon Cuneta Looks For The Little Boy Selling Vegetables, Wants To Send Him To School.

Recently, the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta made rounds on social media after posting something that truly captures the heart of many.

To be kind on someone is the best gift you could ever give. The Bible mentioned that one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is kindness, meaning, if you have God in your life, kindness should be your second nature. No matter how big or small that kindness would be, not an ounce of it is wasted.

Kindness doesn’t just make our hearts happy, to some, it changes their life. Through a kind and compassionate heart, life would be changed forever. That’s how powerful kindness could be!

With that in mind, the 53-year-old Kapamilya star Sharon Cuneta became everyone’s topic as after posting on her Instagram, looking for a boy who sells vegetables. The Mega Star wanted to buy all his products and also want to send him to school.

Sharon Cuneta posted a photo of the little boy selling vegetable with a caption:

“@fannytfserrano TF, nasaan ang batang ito?!!! Gusto ko bilhin lahat ng tinda niya araw-araw tapos iba magtitinda dahil mag-aaral na siya!!! Waaahhh!!!”

Her post immediately went viral as it captivates the hearts of the netizens, ended up admiring and praising her for it. As of now, there’s no further update if the Sharon Cuneta find the boy. Some netizens commented that this boy might not be a Filipino and some are asking for an update soon.

Indeed, Sharon Cuneta is a good-natured and big-hearted person both on and off cam. Aside from her acting and singing success, people admire her for being so generous, sweet, and respectful to everyone.

Kudos to you Ate Shawi! God bless you more and more!

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