Netizen Shared Her “Solo Flight” Experience With An Airline.

This netizen shared her “solo flight” experience with an airline.

Are you among those people who have this so-called “bucket list”? For people like us, we have this long list of countries we want to visit and experience what these places has to offer, a one-of-a-kind experience we want to live through, and many more. With that in mind, have you dream of riding an airplane all by yourself, like you rent the whole plane? Have you included this to your bucket list?

Recently, a netizen shared her “solo flight” experience with an airline that immediately caught the attention of the netizens. According to her, it was the most surprising and unusual experience of all her flights. Louisa Erispe was shocked to know that she is the only passenger of the Philippine Airlines flight PR 2820 which is from Manila to Davao. She uploaded a photo of herself seated alone in the plane.

Louisa works as a news correspondent for PTV and her company booked her flight on Philippine Airlines (PAL) in advance. Though they managed to contact her to change her flight, but they failed. They still decided to fly her to her destination as she arrived at the airport on time and as an only passenger.

At first, she was afraid because the plane was empty and that’s is so unusual. She then started to pary that everything will be alright and she will arrived home safe and sound on Christmas day.

“Hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin or kung ano dapat kung isipin. I’ll be flying alone tonight sa plane. No other passengers, ako lang.Hehe.Kinakabahan ako.Haha.Ikaw na po bahala Ama,” her constant update on social media.

As a solo passenger on the plane, Louisa was with the plane crew and the captain. What made it even more amazing is that, the crew didn’t made Louisa feel alone while on the flight. She also posted a photo with the flight team, thanking them for the safe flight.

“Kudos to Philippine Airlines nilipad parin ako. The best airline so far. Thank you po Captain Khalil Faustino and the rest of the crew for safe and remarkable trip. God bless po.”

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