Son Made Her Mother Choose Between Php15,000 Or Mystery Box, Makes Her Mom So Emotional!

This son made her mother choose between Php15,000 or
mystery box. Little did she know, what she will choose has a whopping amount inside!

Christmas Day is the season where we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, whom God gave us for our salvation and forgiveness. His birth teaches us to be thankful, leading us to be radically generous towards others.

For us children, this is also a good time to pay back what our parents did for us. Though we really couldn’t pay it, giving them a special gift will certainly make them happy, as long as it comes from us. With that in mind, this particular son made her mother choose between Php15,000 or mystery box, both expensive, yet she didn’t know what the mystery box in stored.

One Facebook user named Rotski Bautista shared a video of how he surprises his mother this Christmas. But first, he made her mother choose “pera or kahon” game. This time, his mother became confused which one she should choose, the Php5,000 or the box.

Then the mother chose the box containing another mystery in a form of a gift-wrapped cooking pot. But then Rotski raised the money offered to Php15,000, making her mom even more confused. Decided to try her luck, she chose the box as her final pick.

When he finally uncovers real present, his mother got immediately emotional as it contained thick bundles of blue bills, amounting to more than thousands of cash for sure. Some netizen on the comment section even suggested that it amounted to one million based on what they saw.

However, it didn’t sit well with some netizens saying that this is Rotski’s way of boasting his wealth. On the other hand, he explained that it was his way of delighting her mom. Coming from a poor family, giving her a huge amount of money is something for him.

As of writing, the post earned 122K reactions, 169K shares, and 6.7M views.

Watch the video below:

A practical gift for my nanay😊😊The unexpected gift😂😂😂Watch till the end😂😂Ahlabyu mami😂😂

Posted by Rotski Bautista on Monday, December 24, 2018

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