This Cute Little Owl Was Mistook For A Ball By Police Officers!

Colorado police officers mistook this cute little owl for a ball.

Recently, officers from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office encountered a cutie from nature while driving on a mountain road near the small town of Nederland, Colorado. They stumbled upon a cute wandering little owl.

While doing their regular duty, they spotted what looks like a small ball in the middle of the road. It turned out that this ball-looking thing is a young northern saw-whet owl. These are very small owls with large, rounded heads that lack ear tuft with a whitish facial disk and white-spotted head.

The officers then stopped as this little owl blocks the road. They got off the car to investigate and saw this adorable little owl. The police officer can be heard saying to the little owl, “Hi. What’s up?”

As the officers come near it, it didn’t fly in fear but looks like unfazed. It can be seen standing still to hold its ground rather than flying away. According to the officer the said encounter happened in a few miles northwest of Nederland in an area of Rainbow Lake Campground.

The police officers didn’t disclose the exact location to protect the owl’s nest from attackers.

Seeing such a mother nature’s cuteness will surely make our hearts melt. These animals are too beautiful to harm and they deserve protection, safety and care like us humans. If you are the one who saw this cute little fella on the street, what will be the first thing you will do?

Watch the video below:

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