Triplet Brothers All Graduated In College As Cum Laudes.

This triplet brothers all graduated in college as cum laudes.

No one is prouder than parents to see their children graduate in college, how much more graduating with flying colors, right? As children, one of the greatest gifts we could give to our parents is to finish our studies. In that way, all their hard work and sacrifices will be paid off.

For the parents of these triplet brothers, they might be the happiest and proudest parents as their children graduated in college, all as cum laudes. These triplet brothers are new graduates of the Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture (PTIA), Isabela State University Cabagan Campus.

One of the three, Ace Pagaran, wrote on his Facebook post saying:

“Yung ga-graduate kayo
Bilang Isang Cum Laude
Hindi lang naman kayo Isa
Hindi lang din naman Dalawa
Hind lang din basta Tatlo
Tatlo nga pero Triplets naman!”

Ace tagged his brothers, Jack Pagaran and King Pagaran, who also graduated cum laude, completed their Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. They feel so proud of themselves as this is the first time that had happened to their school, possibly in the Philippines too.

The triplet brothers dedicated their success to their parents, Sonny Pagaran and Leliza Pagaran, for working so hard just to send them to school. Though they are deep in debt, they didn’t tell the triplet brothers nor tell them to stop studying. Also, they thanked their relatives who also support them.

Their story is living proof that poverty should not be a hindrance in achieving your goals nor finishing your studies. Our parents work so hard, day and night, just to support us and in return, let’s do good in our studies.

Congratulations to you, Ace, Jack, and King Pagaran!

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