Filipina Domestic Helper Met Her American Husband Through Online Games.

This Filipina domestic helper met her better half through RPG.

Working as an overseas Filipino worker or OFW is quite tough and lonely. Not to mention the years of contract and nature of work, some employers are a challenge because not all are on good terms with their employees. We have heard the plight of some of our beloved OFWs especially in the Middle East who suffered a lot in the hands of their bad employers.

Domestic helpers in Saudi has no day off and to make herself entertain inside the walls, this Filipina domestic helper resorted to playing role-playing games (RPGs).

She is identified as Samra from Maguindanao, Philippines. Despite her fear and weakness when it comes to her employers, Samra is a strong character in the RPG world. This is her avenue to cope up with loneliness and homesick days.

One day, she defeated a professional gamer named Triston Wallin from Las Vegas, Nevada who always win in all RPGs he played. The defeat might leave an intriguing mark, especially it was a girl who defeated him. Triston admired the girl behind the character and then message her.

After a constant conversation, the two became romantically involved eventually on the game though they didn’t see each other in reality. Samra then has the courage to give her real name and her Facebook profile to Triston.

At that time, Samra is 21 years old while the American guy is 19. She was shocked when she found out that Triston is a young kid but then the guy convinced her that he is not a kid anymore and he fell in love with her. They officially in a relationship on Triston’s birthday.

But on Samra’s birthday, Triston surprises her with a long-distance proposal and she said, “yes”. Months later, he decided to fly to the Philippines as Samra’s contract in Saudi ended and it was their first meeting. At the airport, he again proposed to her.

To proved that he truly loves Samra, Triston converted to Muslim as Samra is. The two got married in a Muslim ceremony and was followed by a modern wedding.

Watch the video below:

Nag-RPG, nagka-love life!

May nanalo na, bes!Naglaro lang daw ng Toram Online ang Pinay domestic helper na si Samra, nagka-love life na siya! Kiligin sa love story nila ng Amboy na si Triston na nagsimula lang sa paglalaro ng RPG o Role-Playing Game sa video na ito! #KMJSREAD FULL STORY:

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