This Single Mother Underwent Plastic Surgery After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her!

After being dumped by her boyfriend, this single mother decided to transform herself for the better.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” became the mantra of people. But despite this saying, our society has an unfair concept of what beauty should look like. Deny it or not, this idea also became a standard in loving a person.

For a most selfish case, there are people who are so particular when it comes to physical appearance and the content of their pockets. Some of us have this concept to end up with a good-looking and rich lover, forgetting what true love really means.

With that in mind, one single mother recently shared her story why she decided to undergo plastic surgery and transformed her physical appearance. According to the 28-year-old Huyen, she is a single mother from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. She often received hurtful criticism because of her outward appearance. She is always belittled and mocked because of her single eyelids and slightly tanned skin tone.

What made her situation worst is the fact that her boyfriend’s family is against their wedding though they already have a child. Because her relationship with her beau’s family didn’t go well, she decided to raise the child on her own and start a new life.

As a single mother who raises her child on her own, she left her child to her parent’s custody while she is away from work. Huyen just visits her child and parents every Saturday and Sunday. She also started to save money to undergo plastic surgery in hopes that it would change her life.

For three years, she already spent 100,000,000 dongs or RM 18,000 in various cosmetic procedures. Now that her transformation is complete, she if filled with joy because she earned more self-confidence on herself and job.

On the other hand, loving our self is not wrong especially when we want to improve it in any way, at any cost. But let’s also not forget that God created us fearfully and wonderfully, meaning, we are created beautifully. Yes, our looks might be different from others, but that doesn’t mean we must think less of ourselves. Let’s remind ourselves that we are beautiful in our own way and the first person that should know that is you!

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