Dog Helps Owner To Feed Rabbits With Carrots.

This dog helps the owner to feed rabbits with carrots.

Because of its traits of being loyal, trustworthy, and easily get close with humans, a dog is considered as “man’s best friend”. More than any animals in the world, a dog offers a good companionship to their owner and could be their protector in times of trouble. However, dogs can give more than just being a friend.

Recently, a dog named Kalle became a helping hand and a great dog to his owner. Because aside from being a companion, he also helps his owner when it comes to feeding his farm friends.

The viral video shows Kalle feeding the rabbits and pigs at the farm with carrots. Kalle picks up the carrot using his mouth and them over to the rabbits’ cage. But Kalle doesn’t put the carrots on the ground, it volunteered to feed the rabbits by himself.

Kalle’s mouth is dangling with some carrots while feeding the hungry rabbits. He seriously cared and love these fluffy animals. The hungry piglet also came along to grab one of the carrots for himself. But Kalle stood still and didn’t easily let go of the carrots which he has saved for his beloved rabbits.

We may not hear it but the dog probably told the piglet it’s the rabbit’s turn to have a meal and other animals like him should wait for their turn.

It is so entertaining to see how animals have the consciousness to do things which are helpful to humans. Shame on humans not to realize something from this. It teaches us that even animals have the sense of helpfulness in them.

Watch the video below:

Dog Feeds Carrots to Pig and Rabbits

This just keeps getting better 😍

Posted by Poke My Heart on Sunday, July 22, 2018

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