This Man Wants To Buy An Old Cruise Ship, Repurposing It Into A Home For The Homeless.

To provide a home for the homeless, this man wants to buy an old cruise ship.

Just like any other countries in the world, Portland City is experiencing a lack of affordable housing options. Because of poverty, this makes people unable to acquire a house for themselves and their family. Cited as a solution to this problem, one man wants to buy an old cruise ship for the purpose of making it housing for homeless people.

One local entrepreneur named Ken Capron has an amazing plan of buying a very old cruise ship and then dock it in the large harbor at Portland. The purpose is to allow people to live on the ship especially those who cannot afford a house in the city. Thankfully, the mayor seems open to the new idea.

“We’re looking at four populations: the homeless population, the low-income population, the workforce population and immigrant population who all need housing. They all need job skills training. We would offer that on board,” Capron said.

The cruise ship will be split into five decks and each deck will have at least 100 housing units that offer plenty of rooms. Capron said that the plan of buying the cruise ship is financially feasible, as some asked who will pay for the amount of the cruise ship.

There are several difficulties to overcome, but Capron has already applied for a grant which would move forward with an independent feasibility study. If everything goes well, the entrepreneur will proceed with his plan and present it to the city.

The old ship cost from 5 to 100 million dollars and it could fit more than 1000 people. Capron hopes that this initiative will inspire other cities to consider the same housing opportunities. The project is called ‘Hope Harbor,’ and it might have a positive impact on the homeless population in the city of Portland.

Watch the video below:

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