Filipina Maid From Saudi Receives Expensive Bags And Php500K To Build A House From Employers!

This Filipina maid in Saudi receives expensive bags and Php500,000 to build a house from employers.

We have heard news and stories of OFWs especially in the Middles East who suffered from the hands of their employers. Their plight really made all Filipinos heartbroken and sad for they don’t deserve such treatment like this.

But on the brighter note, there are also OFWs who are blessed to have a kind and good-hearted employers who not just help them but also spoiled them with expensive stuff. With that in mind, one Filipina maid in Saudi named Mhai San Pedro is so thankful for her employers who helped her and her family in their darkest time.

Mhai decided to work as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia because her family can barely eat three times a day. But because her daughter has a pulmonary condition, Mhai’s salary of 1,500 riyals (around Php21,000) every month wasn’t enough for her family. This also leads the family to be in deep debt.

But lucky as she is, her kind employers helped her by providing everything she needs and also spoiling her with expensive gifts. For 8 months of working to her employers, she already received plenty of designer bags such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Burberry. Not just that, she also received plenty of expensive makeup, perfume, shoes, watches, and cell phones.

When her daughter was rushed to the hospital, the entire family of her employers, including their relatives contributed to help.

“Everyone in the family contributed – including their relatives. I felt hopeless that time and was in surprised when they gave me money for my daughter – I was overjoyed,” Mhai shared.

The gifts didn’t end there. Mhai’s kind employers generously gave her 35,000 riyals (Php500,000) to be able to build a house for her family. In return, she gave her very best to serve them and do her duty.

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