Malaysian Couple Has Grabfood-Themed Wedding As They Fell In Love As Food Delivery Riders!

This Malaysian couple has a Grabfood-themed wedding as they fell in love as food delivery drivers.

Technology truly revolutionizes our lives for the better. It makes our daily lives easy, efficient, and as fast as one mouse click in terms of communication, acquiring knowledge, hiring a transport vehicle, and even asked for food delivery.

Grab lunched a food-delivery app called “GrabFood” that lets you order food from establishments near you. This is a new way to avoid traffic and just stay home while waiting for your order to come.

Recently, one couple made headlines on social after celebrating their love with an epic Grabfood-themed wedding. Nur Atiqah and Mohd Afandi had met as part-time GrabFood delivery riders in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and fallen in love with each other.

“At the end of 2018, my dreams came true. I met my soulmate in the same workplace despite the tiredness, sunshine, and rain. Even though GrabFood has its ups and downs, our love remains strong. 🤭😂” Atiqah says in her post.

She also shared a video of singing to her newly wedded husband his favorite song.

“We used to sing this in the car together, now I can sing it for you on our wedding day,” she said on her post.

To celebrate their love, the couple wore GrabFood-themed outfits during their wedding photoshoot on December 23, last year. They also included their colleagues along to celebrate their big day and the couple also photographed their own version of the Falling Star challenge.

Seeing their unique Grabfood-themed wedding, GrabFood acknowledged it and congratulated the newly wedded couple.

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