Man Finally Has A Girlfriend After Posting His “I’m Looking For a Girlfriend” Video.

This man finally has a girlfriend after posting his viral video “I’m Looking For a Girlfriend”.

Social media has become an avenue for undiscovered talents, untold stories, inspiring experiences, and even a place for searching mates. These platforms make us meet and chat with random people in different races and nationalities, some even find their partners through these.

Do you remember the guy who posted a video saying that he is looking for a girlfriend? Back in 2016, the Asian-Australian comedian Timstar made an iconic video telling people that he is looking for a girlfriend. The video immediately caught the attention of the netizen and it certainly made a way for him to meet his current girlfriend.

On the video, you can hear him repeatedly saying:

“Now, I’ve got a chest, a six-pack and I am back, looking for a girlfriend.”

You can also see him flexing and checking himself out while working out at the gym, saying:

“Oh my gosh, I am so massive.”

“This is the type of body that will get you a hundred girls on the beach,” he said.

The trick was probably effective because according to Facebook, he got himself a girlfriend last September. Timstar posted an update on Facebook signaling that he’d entered a relationship with a woman named Sijia Wang. Since then, Timstar has shared multiple photos and videos of himself with the lucky lady.

We hope Timmy and Sijia are both happy and we wish nothing but a loving and growing relationship for both of you! Congrats love birds! Some might also be using this way to finding a partner. hahahah!

Watch the video below:

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