OFW Acted As A Waiter To Surprise Their Children!

This OFW wore a waiter’s clothes to surprise their children.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are heroes who work abroad in hopes that they could bring their family out from poverty and find a greener pasture. However, working as an OFW is never easy. You have to endure emotional and physical struggles, and kept inspired to achieve all your dreams for your family back home.

The struggle is less for single OFW but to parents who left their kids, what they endure is times ten. What keeps them inspired is the thought that this is all for their loved ones and for them to have a comfortable life matters most than any inner struggles.

Recently, one OFW finds a way to surprise their children for their homecoming. We could witness the reunion of the parents and their children that will truly touch our hearts. This proves that despite the distance, their love for each other stays regardless of sadness and sorrow.

Posted on social media, one OFW mother acted as a service crew or waiter to surprise their children. On the first video, you can notice one mother wearing a face mask at acted as a waitress to her two children. The mother served their food on the table and because they didn’t still recognize her, she stood beside them and placed two plates. After this, she revealed her face and her children was greatly surprised.

This is not the first time an OFW did this to surprise their children. One OFW father wanted to surprise his children for his homecoming. This was reported on GMA where the father was hiding his face with a handkerchief while serving them with their order. As he went back to their table, he removes the handkerchief and his daughter and son were greatly shocked.

Their children couldn’t believe that they will see their parents in front of them after a long time.

Watch the video below:

Nakaktouch po talaga yong ginawa nya

Isang OFW na ina nagpanggap na Waitresspara ma e surprise ang kanyan mga anak.Nakakatouch po talaga yong ginawa nya!MANG INASAL GAISANO PAGADIAN.(c) Yashashree Amor Balasa Esparcia

Posted by TaTak Mindanao on Monday, December 3, 2018

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