Pinoy Created World-Class Art Made From Recyclable Materials.

This Pinoy created world-class art made from recyclable materials.

Filipinos are undeniably talented in all fields and in-demand workers all over the world. Aside from our “Bayanihan” character, the Philippines went famous because of its diverse and unique traditions, customs, and culture. But other countries and nationalities are always surprised and in awe of what Filipinos can do, especially those who didn’t have a proper education. In addition, Filipinos are resourceful and gumptious.

Recently, a Pinoy went viral on social media after using recyclable materials to create crafts like boats, ships, motorcycles, and tricycles. He made this using bubble gum, wood, plastics, and metals. This also became his source of income.

To earn money, he put a seat on the sidewalk to sell his works. However, it is hard to find a customer that has a passion or likes such craft. Through the help of social media and his friends by sharing his work, many wants to buy his works.

In fact, his crafts are sometimes out of stock due to many customers. The social media has conquered distance because as a resident of General Santos City, his customers are from Luzon. Here is the price list of his crafts:

Motorcycle – P700
Tricycle – P900
Ship – P1,000, depending on size and design.

This only proves that the creativity and talent of Filipinos are not only admired but also make them earn money. Just like what locals always say, “tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin”, meaning let’s patronize our own to help our fellow countrymen on their way to success.

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