The Prince Of Brunei Is Still Single And The New Internet Crush!

The Prince of Brunei is still waiting for the woman of his dream.

The 27-year-old Abdul Mateen is the 10th child and fourth son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei and his second wife Mariam Abdul Aziz. Born on August 10, 1991, in the tiny island nation off the coast of Borneo, he was the sixth in line to replace his father as Sultan of Brunei. But unlike Prince William and Prince Harry, the Prince of Brunei is single.

Prince Mateen was educated at some of the top schools around the world before enrolling at the Sandhurst Military Academy in 2010. He managed to juggle playing professional polo and serving in the Royal Brunei Armed Forces as a helicopter pilot.

But did you know that the Prince of Brunei inherited $25.8 billion dollar fortune from his father? Yes, he is! It is not surprising that the Prince of Brunei has his own plane. Prince Mateen also loves to take care of animals and love staying on the beach.

A profile in GQ Thailand wrote:

“[He is] a grounded man who doesn’t like to flaunt his family’s wealth. [He is] more interested in the simple life, his passions, time with family and friends, and his other noble pursuits.”

Although the country of Brunei is very small, it is considered one of the richest countries in the world. The royal family of Brunei owns 7,000 expensive cars such as 604 Rolls Royce, 574 Brunswick, 452 Ferrari, 382 Bentley, 209 BMW, 179 Jaguar, 134 Nisek, 21 Lamborghini, 11 Aston Martin, and 1 SSC Silbe.

Prince Mateen is very wealthy and handsome but he remained unmarried. Every day, thousands of women express their love for the prince. But as a prince, Mateen is cautious when it comes to this matter because her respect for women is also high. It’s no wonder Tatler dubbed him the “sexiest of the single Princes.”

“I hope my future wife will be a simple and pure person, if I choose her, I will only be with her all my life.”

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