Pinay Inventor Made A Lamp And Charger In One Powered Salt And Water.

This Pinay inventor made a lam and charger in one powered by salt and water.

The development of our technology needs equipment that is all powered by electricity. This means that the energy consumption also increases as the years pass by. In the Philippines, not all areas are reached by the power lines where the islands and mountain ranges and other areas are separated. As a result, many get the most out of the sunlight every morning and use a lamp every night.

Along with her siblings, one Pinay inventor made a lamp and charger in one powered by salt and water. With the help of his brothers Ralph Mijeno and Oscar Bryan Magtibay, Aisa Mijeno made a lamp that lasts for eight hours, powered by only salt and water.

Mijeno was a graduate of Computer Engineering and now works as one of the faculties of De La Salle University Lipa, Batangas. Her Sustainable Alternative Lightning or SALT project aims to be used by people living in remote areas as a replacement for the usual gas stove, lamp, or candle they use. It also comes with a USB port in case they lose battery for their mobile phones.

This invention is a great help for people especially those who live in remote areas who need to buy candles or gas to light their lamp and stoves. This invention also earned various awards and recognition from organizations in the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. It has also won in several competitions here and abroad.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Mijeno explained:

“It is made of tediously experimented and improved chemical compounds, catalysts, and metal alloys that when submerged in electrolytes will generate electricity.”

“This isn’t just a product. It’s a social movement,” she said.

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