19-Year-Old Guy Saved By A Bible After Floating In The Sea For 49 Days.

This 19-year-old guy saved by a Bible after floating in the sea for 49 days.

When we say Bible, most of us have this shallow description of a book authored by the people of God. But what we don’t understand, the Bible itself is the word of God and words written in it comes directly from God, not from people. Many people claimed how powerful the word of God is and it doesn’t just help us with our problems, but also transformed our lives for good.

After 7 weeks of floating in a fish trap in a no-end sea, this 19-year-old teenager named Aldi Adilang was rescued by the authority. According to reports, Adilang’s job is to guard the lamp in a fish trap when he was accidentally taken by the strong wave. He has no paddle to help him at that moment, the reason why he was taken by the wave elsewhere. The fish trap was taken to Guam.

Aldi lost hope because he already consumed his food. He also started drinking the salty water, strain it using his clothes just to ease his hunger and thirst. There are 10 ships who already passed by but no one noticed him.

During this hopeless days, he wanted to drown himself. But he remembered the teachings of his parents that during difficulty annd trial, God will surely save him. Instead of taking his own life, he got his Bible in the fish trap and read it. Miraculously, there is a ship heading to Japan that saw him.

God’s word is really powerful in any difficult situations and circumstances. We just need to rely on God and in his words and we will surely overcome every obstacles. Therefore, we must not forget to thank all the blessings of the Lord Jesus!

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