Guy Used The Money He Found In The Street To Buy Food For The Homeless.

This guy used the money he found in the street to buy food for the homeless.

Have you ever found some cash while walking in the street? What did you do to it? There’s a lot of stories circulating on the web about people who found some cash in the street or drivers who found belongings that contain money left by their passengers. While some who found it might keep it for themselves, others return it to the rightful owner without asking something in return.

Recently, one netizen Marvin Tan Juan Pigalan found Php500 while walking in the street. At first, he thought of looking for the owner but no one else around. But Marvin has a brilliant idea on how he will use the money. He thought of using the money to buy food for homeless people instead.

On his Facebook account, he wrote:

“Yung may ari ng 500 na napulot ko wag ka mag alala nawala mo man yung pera pero nakatulong kanaman sa mga taong na ngangailangan ,hindi narin kasi kita makati para ma isoli ko sayo kaya ganyan nalang ginawa ko 👍😇.”

Attached to his post are photos of the money and the food he bought using the money. Marvin bought some packs of noodles, loaves of bread, and a few cans of sardines. He also asked the bagger to put the items in separate plastic bags for easier distribution to the homeless people.

Near the grocery store where he bought the items, he distributed the plastic bag that contained the food items. The homeless people seem to receive a huge blessing as you can see it on their faces. The Php500 went a long way by blessing those who are in need.

As expected, there are people who weren’t happy with what he did and says that he should look for the owner. But others expressed their admiration and commended his actions because instead of pocketing the cash, he used it for the better good.

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