Premature Baby Who Was Taken Care By A Nurse Works In The Same Hospital With Her!

This premature baby who was taken care by a nurse works in the same hospital with her!

Being dedicated to a profession is a sign of being happy at work. When you are happy at work, it means you like what you do and don’t get easily tired. But when your mind is negative about what you do, you’ll eventually get sick of it and quit.

We can’t blame people who resigned to their jobs because of they probably on the process of looking what they really wanted and love to do, not just to earn money but also be happy with it. There’s a lot of people who stayed in their jobs for many long years and these people might found the right place for them to say the least.

Time couldn’t be stop and change is constant. Little did we know, people who are always happy with their work builds their career and created a strong profession. Staying positive at your workplace is contagious and bring good to others.

With that being said, a story of premature baby who was taken care by a nurse works in the same hospital with her recently captured the hearts of many.

28 years ago, one premature baby was taken care of by a nurse named Vilma Wong in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). But the former premature baby is now a pediatric doctor. In fact, the nurse who taken care of him is working with him in the same hospital. The name of the doctor and former premature baby is Dr. Seminatore.

According to Dr. Seminatore:

“Meeting Vilma was so surreal. I never thought I would meet a provider who cared for me when I was a baby.”

It is happy to think that the baby you’ve taken care of will be your colleague in the future. Of course, the nurse has a great part on the current condition of the former premature baby. Perhaps, Dr. Seminatore chose this profession to help sick and in need children, because he was one before, that includes Nurse Vilma.

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