Sewage Workers Get Paid For $8 A Day Diving Into Dirty Drainage In Bangladesh.

In case you are complaining about your job, just look at how hard these sewage workers do for a living!

Looking for a job nowadays is very difficult. Most jobs require standard educational attainment and years of experience which some people don’t have. For individuals who have no diploma or experience, landing in a good job is almost impossible. With that being said, these sewage workers in Bangladesh get paid for a below minimum wage for diving into dirty drainage.

Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh which is considered one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Because of the big population, the amount of waste is uncontrollable. As a result, the city suffers from an inadequate drainage system and flooding due to heavy rains make the problem worse.

To help ease the problem, these sewage workers risk their lives to clean other people’s mess and claw out blockages, receiving below the minimum wage of $8 for a day. With bare hands, these sewage workers spend most of their time diving down into a hole of sludge. They are often surrounded by cockroaches and people’s dirt without any protective gears! Yes, without!

As they dive into this filthy sewage, they’re holding their breath and being careful not being caught in a sudden rush of sewage. In fact, there are many sewage workers who passed away because of drowning and health problems.

But for Binod Lahot, being a sewage worker is the only job he has despite the possibility that it cost his life.

“When I lift my hand to my mouth to take a bite of food, I feel like it smells of sewage. But I still eat it. Why? Because I have to stay alive and go back to work tomorrow,” Binod said.

After reading this, you will definitely think about how lucky you are to have a good life and a good job.

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