Poor Student Uses His Slippers Into An Eraser.

This poor student uses his slippers into an eraser.

In the Philippines, poverty is one of the reasons why many kids are forced to leave school and work at an early age. Poverty robbed children their childhood, education, and rights to live as a kid. While some don’t really prioritize their studies, there are students who really did their best not to depend on their parents to send them to school but also look for ways and means to support themselves.

With that in mind, one Grade 2 student is blessed to have a uniform and gets to wear a pair of slippers to school, however, he doesn’t have enough school supplies. To erase his mistake on the pad paper, he uses his rubber slippers as an eraser. His resourcefulness makes him viral all over social media.

Unlike any other students, Harold Labutong is born in a poor family but his situation doesn’t make him lose hope especially when it comes to his studies. When he made a mistake and had to erase it, he borrowed an eraser from a classmate. His classmate later told him that the eraser he borrowed was made from an old pair of slippers. But when this did not work as Harold wanted, he used his own pair of slippers instead and it worked.

According to his class teacher at the Engracio M. Castaneda Elementary School in La Paz, Tarlac, Harold is a diligent and a smart student. The teacher also added that what he did actually work because he was able to neatly removed the mistake using his slippers as an eraser.

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