Guy Made An Amazing Small House Under The Bridge Where He Lives.

This guy made an amazing small house under the bridge.

Most of us probably dreamed of having a beautiful house or a mansion. Well, it feels nice to live in a beautiful and big house you can call your own. However, this remains a dream for some because life is hard and to own a house nowadays is very costly. As a result, people resorted to renting space all their lives while others live on the streets and build even a small place where they can lay their heads, even under the bridge.

But poverty didn’t stop Fernando Abellanos to own space he can call his own. Fernando did not finish any course but was able to build a very beautiful and humble abode under the bridge. This is not just a mere house and with the use of his imaginations, he made it more amazing. It feels like a real home.

It wasn’t hard for him and this was a dream come true for him. When he was a child, he wanted to build such because he was fond of playing in a playhouse. The reason why he built this house under the bridge.

This work is a type of parasitic architecture. This type of architecture is located at the bottom or side of the bridge just like what Fernando did. According to News Atlas:

“The idea is, a visitor walks up the banked area and enters the plywood-lined metal shelter, then uses an available hand crank to move it along the bridge’s underside to where a bench, seat, and some shelving are waiting.”

Fernando said that he only learned to design this through his own efforts. He also has experience with architects and interior designers so he does not need formal education. In his work, he used Lebrel as a name.

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