Elderly YouTuber Writes Down The Name Of His Subscribers In A Notebook And Thanked Them Individually For Following His Work.

This elderly YouTuber became an instant star after posting this video.

Social media has become part of people’s lives. It is an avenue for undiscovered talents, people hoping to have a break, or just want to become popular. There are a lot of artists that rose to fame with the help of social media, especially of YouTube.

Recently, one elderly YouTube became an instant star after writing down the names of his subscribers in a notebook and thanked them individually. His sweet gesture captures the hearts of many and immediately went viral like a storm.

Unlike other YouTubers, Nilson Izais Paulinho content is somehow typical and basic like talking about his garden, flowers, and making DIY slimes. He only has 29 videos on his channel but one of his posts made him the most old-school and courteous YouTuber out there.

To thank his subscribers, he is taking time by writing down their names in a notebook. In a video captioned “agradecendo os comentários dos meus inscritos,” which roughly translates as “thank you for the comments from my subscribers,” he shows off a list that he’d handwritten in a notebook.

Nilson’s intention is to thank them individually for their love and support to his work. He read out the names of each person in a separate video. He started doing this a couple of months ago and had been thanking them since then.

In January, he only had 1,862 followers. But now, he has a total of 4.2 million subscribers and still counting.

Watch the video below:

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