Inspiring One-Legged Vendor Took A Short Rest Then Continue Walking, Refused To Give Up After A Long Walk!

This one-legged vendor made everyone teary-eyed.

In the Bible, it is written that in the world, we will have troubles. But the following statement he said, “cheer up, for I have overcome the world”. This means that living in this world, struggles and hardships are inevitable. Yet, we should remind ourselves that these are all overcome by Jesus and if we give our lives to Him, we will also be overcomers.

Troubles in life are just like roaring lions, they are just trying to scare you but they can’t touch you. The only way they can touch or harm you is when you allow it through your reaction. That’s why it is important that we know what God said in His word so we know how to manage them in a right and effective manner.

Despite his condition, this one-legged vendor fought the fight of life and managed to live. His life story recently inspired many lives and earned admiration from the netizens.

The unidetified one-legged vendor was spotted by Geri Katigbak Tirona-Zamora during a traffic stop. After getting tired from a long walk, he took a short rest. A few seconds later, he stood up as if he regained strength and continue walking while carrying a heavy box on his shoulder.

Many netizens were touched by his story and some of them even offered to help. One commenter named Rick Mejia Nava wrote:

“Aloha Everyone….perhaps we can all chip in and help this hard working man with a leg prosthetic. I am in Hawaii. Anyone who wants to take a lead and make this a reality, please PM me. Mahalo!”

“Pls….locate this man and let him know that we want to help. Together, let us make a positive difference to this man’s life and his family. Let’s do this.”

In advance, we thanke everyone who is going to help him! Kudos to you Sir!

Watch the video below:

rest if you must but don’t you quit

Posted by Geri Katigbak Tirona-Zamora on Saturday, February 9, 2019

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