9-Year-Old Girl Cooks And Sells Fried Chicken To Help Her Grandparents!

This 9-year-old girl cooks and sells fried chicken to help her grandparents and acquire cooking skills.

Many kids nowadays are robbed with their childhood and at a very young age, they were forced to work because of poverty. They weren’t given a chance to dream, even go to school to build their future. But there are some who are not forced to work but only wanted to help and also acquire skills in doing things. That’s exactly the life of this 9 years old girl.

At a very young age, this 9-year-old girl named Sarocha Intasai sells fried chicken to help her grandparents. At her age, she’s already skilled when it comes to frying chicken and knows how to manage the ins and outs of handling business. Every weekend, she will help her grandmother at Aunt Reang’s restaurant in Bang Nam Pueng market.

“I first came to help grandma sell food when I was three. My first sale was namprik (chili paste),” the girl said.

She started helping her grandparents when she was three and at the age of 9, she mastered many tasks including frying chicken and serving noodles. When she was three, her parents got separated. Her mother was put behind bars so she was given to her 70-year-old great grandmother, along with her two stepbrothers.

They live in a small space owned by a Buddhist temple with a rent of 1000 Baht (US$31.89) annually.

“We live in a house that most people think it’s small, but I think it’s big and warm,” she said.

“Grandpa and grandma work hard to feed everyone. If my brothers don’t have money, I’ll give some of my allowances to them,” she said.

“If I play, I will not earn any money. So I would rather work,” she added.

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