Inspiring Farm Girl Became One of France’s Top Ministers.

This farm girl became one of France’s top ministers.

Life wasn’t easy and we all can agree to that. Because of the trials and tests of life, people tend to lose hope and gave up. As a result, their lives are still the same and for sure, it wasn’t the life they’re dreaming of. But not all are like that. There are people who choose to overcome every circumstance instead of being overtaken by those.

With that being said, meet the farm girl became one of France’s top ministers, French Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

Before she attained a high position in France, Najat started as a farm girl in a poor village called Nador in Morocco. Like most of us, she also experienced hardships when she was young. As the second of seven children, she helped her parents take care of her younger siblings and work to earn money. Najat’s father brought the family to Amiens, France where he found a job as a construction worker.

Najat graduated from Paris Institute of Political Studies in 2012 where she acquired various political theories and how she could make a difference if she held a position in the government. She then the French Socialist Party.

She first started her political career by supporting Mayor Gerard Collomb. She supported him because they have the same political views and aim to stop discrimination. Two years after she graduated, she became part of the Regional Council of Rhone Alpes. Then, she would become the Chairperson of the Cultural Commission, the spokesperson for SegoleneRoyal, and adviser of the Socialist Party.

Now, she is the Education Minister and Minister of Research in France. Her story is a great reminder not to give up on our dreams. With determination and courage, we will surely be in the place of success in the future.

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