Inspiring Janitor In NAIA Returned An Envelope Full Of US Dollar Bills.

This inspiring janitor in NAIA returned an envelope full of US dollar bills to the authorities.

Hearing or reading stories of kindness, compassion, honesty, and love always makes everyone heart melt. These stories give us hope that humanity is alive and goodness still exists in people’s hearts. With that in mind, one inspiring janitor in NAIA returned an envelope full of US dollar bills to the authorities.

Recently, an employee of NAIA airport exhibited an act of honesty despite facing a big temptation. The janitor named Jeffrey Almoguerra gained praises and appreciation online after his good deed was posted on social media.

According to the report, Jeffrey is cleaning the lobby when he saw an envelope placed in front of the Foreign Exchange counter. He look for the owner to return it but it is nowhere to be found. He then asks for the help of the guards and bring the envelope to the Lost and Found section of the airport.

The airport authorities thanked Jeffrey for what he did and gave him a special recognition award. The incident was announced to the public that the rightful owner of the envelope could claim it in their office. The total amount wasn’t disclosed for security purposes.

“The amount will not be disclosed as it will be one confirmatory information to be asked by MIAA authorities to possible claimants. He or she should know the exact amount and that will be the basis in returning the money to the owner, ” says the airport personnel.

According to Manila International Airport Authority, General Manager Ed Monreal, he already included Jeffrey in the list of employees to receive an award this February. The MIAA will give the award in the flag-raising ceremony next month.

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