6-Year-Old Girl Took Responsibility Of Taking Care Of His Paralyzed Father After Her Mom Abandoned Them.

This 6-year-old girl took responsibility for taking care of his paralyzed father after her mom abandoned them.

At a very young age, one little girl already took the full-time responsibility of taking care of her father after her mother decided to leave them because of her husband’s condition. While most six years old children spend most of their time playing and having fun, this 6-year-old girl took responsibility for taking care of his paralyzed father

She is Jia Jia, a little girl from the Ningxia Province in China. Two years ago, her mother left them and since then, she has been taking care of her bed-ridden father. She wakes up early to massage her father’s muscles for 30 minutes. Jia Jia also feeds him, help him brush his teeth, and moves him around using a home-made mobility hoist.

“Looking after my dad, I don’t feel tired at all,” she said.

Despite being a student and a full-time caregiver, she never complained but happy that she can help her father. She left her father with the care of her grandparents for most of the day and goes home early from school to take care of her dad.

Her father, the 40-year-old Tian Haicheng was reportedly involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed. Mr. Tian revealed that his wife left him just two months after his unfortunate accident. His wife reportedly claimed she will only be gone for a short time and brought their eldest son with her.

“She told me on the day that she was going to stay in her mother’s home for a few days. But she never returned, and she took our son with her,” Mr. Tian said.

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#HeartwarmingMoments: Six-year-old girl becomes the right hand of her paraplegic father

#HeartwarmingMoments: Six-year-old girl becomes the right hand of her paraplegic fatherA six-year-old girl should have played with other kids or toys all day under their parents care without a single worry. Jiajia, also six years old, however, has to attend to her father.Jiajia’s father Tian Haicheng has been paralyzed since 2016.In March 2016, Tian Haicheng, a loading machine operator with a good salary and a happy family, was involved in a car accident on his way to pick up his paycheck. The injuries he had suffered in the accident cost him all of his all savings and ridded his ability to move.Three months after the accident, his wife told him that she was going to her mother’s home for a few days. However, she never returned, leaving Tian and their son with Tian. He was so desperate that he begged his young daughter Jiajia to give him a bottle of pesticide so that he could kill himself.The intelligent girl felt her father’s desperation and so ran to her grandparent’s instead of giving him what he had asked for.Realizing her father’s pain, Jiajia cried out, “Papa, mother left, but I’m still here. If you kill yourself, I will be alone.”Hearing those words, Tian hugged his little girl and said he would never give up.Since then, the little girl has been her father’s “right-hand man.” She gets up at six o’clock in the morning each day to massage his limbs with her grandma, helps him get on his wheelchair with a special contraption made by her grandfather, and helps him with daily tasks, such as washing his face, shaving, and eating.The six-year-old girl even wakes up at midnight to turn her father over to prevent bedsores.Though hard, Tian now lives a happy and hopeful life thanks to his daughter’s efforts.This touching story has melted hearts and countless netizens have delivered their best wishes to Tian’s family and offered to help Jiajia.

Posted by People's Daily, China on Friday, September 28, 2018

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