Dad Made His Baby A Swimming Pool, Making Him The Happiest Child!

This dad made his baby a swimming pool, making him the happiest child.

Being a parent is not an easy job. From the moment their child was born into the world, their attention shifted to them and they become their utmost priority. They always put their children’s happiness and safety first thing, to the point of sacrificing their own happiness.

One dad recently touched the hearts of many after turning the hole into a swimming pool for his child. The initial plan was to make a koi pond for the fish but this father decided to make it a swimming pool as a gift to his son.

The idea came from his friend who suggested that he should make a swimming pool instead. Initially, he was grieving over the loss of his dog and decided to work outdoors. He was digging a hole to build a concrete koi pond as he had done it a couple of times for other houses.

A few months after his baby was born, he stopped when his friend suggested. He started planning on how to build a swimming pool. He removed more soil and finish the leveling and marking. The building is a long way to go and his adorable baby boy came to supervise the progress of the pool.

When it’s finally done, it’s time for a dip and he truly loves the pool. It looks amazing, especially at night!

Parents who see their child smile is everything to them and they couldn’t trade it to anything. Children truly change the way parents think and we should be thankful for them. Parents are heroes!

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