Old Man Saved A Huge Amount Of Coins For Two Years To Buy A Brand New Motorcycle.

This old man saved a huge amount of coins for two years to buy a brand new motorcycle.

Poverty has been one of the reasons why people couldn’t afford to live a comfortable life or even just enough. But while some are being crippled by poverty, there are some who manage to look for ways and means to make ends meet. With that being said, one old man saved a huge amount of coins for two years to buy a brand new motorcycle.

Instead of taking installment plans or credit a brand new motorcycle, Rodrigo M. Cosion used the money he saved to buy it in cash. His story was posted on Facebook by Angel Gel Azarb. Using his savings of P10, he was able to purchase a brand new motorcycle to a motorcycle outlet in Brgy. Tabucan Dumangas Iloilo.

Read the full post below:

“2 years siya nag ipon para mag karoon nang motor!!#slamat sir Rodrigo M.Cosio yawan man kmi isip sa CASH mo. hehe #nag ipon nag ka RUSI. ???? hmbal ni sir hehe ?????Rusi Dumangas OUTLET [email protected] Tabucan Dumangas Iloilo.”

This is a reminder to us that we don’t need to be in debt to acquire things in life. However, we couldn’t deny the fact that there are people who live beyond their means or income and ended up drowning in debts. Let’s be like Tatay Cosion that instead of applying for an installment or credit plans, let us learn to save money.

I don’t say that installment or credit plan is wrong. But there are ways to get things without getting into it. Free from interest, free from monthly worries.

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